Welcome to Laravel Security in Depth

Each month we'll cover an aspect of Laravel security in depth, with weekly tips to fill in the gaps.

Welcome to Laravel Security in Depth

Hi, I’m Stephen Rees-Carter, creator of the popular "Think Like a Hacker" security talk, a senior developer and ethical hacker. I’ve worked with Laravel for years and have spend a lot of time focused on securing Laravel applications and educating others on how to secure their own sites.

Welcome to my Laravel Security in Depth newsletter!

This is a paid newsletter, and I hope to pass all of my Laravel security knowledge on to you over time, while also learning more myself as I research new topics and subscriber suggestions.

Each month we’ll dive into an aspect of Laravel security in depth, looking at the mechanics of how we can write secure code and what features of Laravel we can use to properly secure our sites. Some months this will involve using standard tools, while other months we’ll need to reinforce our own code to better handle the needs of our applications.

To fill in the gaps, I’ll be sharing weekly Laravel security tips with you. Small snippets of code or reminders of features, to refresh your memory and ensure you’re writing secure code. Even those of us who have been in security for years still need reminding of these things!

Subscribers can suggest topics they would like me to research and cover in the monthly emails, as well as code snippets to share and analyse for security risks or secure design questions. The idea is to cover topics that are relevant to you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with your suggestions or ideas.

Free subscribers are welcome and will receive a monthly Laravel security tip, as a preview of the emails our full subscribers receive.

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I hope you see you on the list!


P.s. Don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the things others have been saying about Laravel Security in Depth and/or my talks upon which it originated: