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I'm Stephen Rees-Carter, the creator of Securing Laravel. It's awesome to meet you and I want to welcome you to our community!

I started Securing Laravel (then called Laravel Security In Depth) back in August 2021 as a way to share my security knowledge with the Laravel community, alongside my Conference Talks. It has since grown to over 3,500 subscribers (as of April 2024), and is showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to writing Securing Laravel each week, I now work full time doing Laravel Security Audits and Penetration Tests, which gives me a unique insight into how different Laravel developers are using the framework.

What is Securing Laravel?

Each month we dive into Laravel security concepts through code examples, practical security knowledge, hacking techniques, and interactive challenges, covering the essential topics you need to know to keep your apps secure. In the weeks between, we have quick security tips that cover the simpler topics, configuration options, tricks, updates, and anything else security related you need to be aware of.

Who is Securing Laravel for?

Securing Laravel is written for Laravel developers of all skill levels. Every concept we cover is fully explained for security newbies (with no pesky unexplained jargon!), but we also dive deep for those looking to learn even more.

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Paid Subscribers get full access to all past In Depth articles, as well as new In Depth articles published each month, while free subscribers will only have access to the weekly Security Tips.

Since I am an independent security consultant, paid subscribers directly support Securing Laravel by funding the time I spend each week researching and writing security tips and in depth articles. Your support also allows me to work with the Laravel community, making security upgrades to the framework itself, and reviewing and supporting third party plugins with security reviews.

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"Stephen is one of the preeminent voices in the Laravel security community." ~Ian Landsman, "The Godfather of Laravel"
"It’s well-written, easy to understand, and makes my apps so much better!" ~Aaron Bushnell
"Thanks, Steven. This is really lovely reading the level of detail, the amount of outside references, and the good natured-ness of your writing. Really, really helpful in making it clear and getting it across both how simple it is to exploit and how simple it is to fix." ~Jason Stewart
Jim Hull (@jimhull.blog)
You are doing some of the most important work out there for Laravel. Thank you!🙏🏼 C

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