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Let's talk about all the changes: new name, new domain, and a purple logo...

Laravel Security In Depth → Securing Laravel

Greetings my friends,

I don’t often send out emails outside the usual weekly schedule1, but I wanted to reach out and let you know what’s going on at Laravel Security In Depth, or should I say: what’s going on at Securing Laravel. 😁

That’s right, I’ve changed the name!

As much as I loved Laravel Security In Depth as a name, including the unintentional double-meaning2, I’ve been wanting to move from a subdomain at Substack for a while to a full domain. A few months ago I was talking to the naming maestro Taylor Otwell, and he suggested - which sounded perfect. Since then I’ve been planning the move, and yesterday I finally did it! 🎉

Essentially this is just a naming refactor. The weekly security tips and monthly In Depth articles will remain the same, likewise so will subscriptions, and the other Substack tools. The subdomain will redirect to the new domain, so it should be pretty seamless - but let me know if you find anything broken!

So I’ve been planning the change it for a while, but why now?

As you’re probably aware, the Laravel community mainly hangs out on Twitter, so that’s where I focus the majority of my promotion and community interactions. However, the recent algorithm changes at Twitter have significantly reduced my reach, and more importantly, Twitter is now pseudo-blocking links at *.substack.com3. At this stage, the pseudo-blocking seems to be a domain match, and since I was going to switch to a custom domain anyway, it was the additional push I needed to do it!

If you’re interested in the process of switching to a custom domain, I Tweeted and Tooted4 about the entire process. It was relatively painless, although a bit tedious at points…

So that’s basically it. New name, new domain, and a shiny new logo. 😎

Since you’ve made it this far, I have a favour to ask: I would love it if you could share Securing Laravel with your Laravel friends! You’re all here because you recognise learning about security is important, and it is my goal to share that with the rest of the Laravel community, so I would love you to tell your friends about Securing Laravel and get more people learning about security and writing secure apps.

For the free subscribers: I would really appreciate it if you considered upgrading to a paid subscription. Paid subscriptions directly fund my time each week as I research and write my weekly emails. I don’t have any sponsors or advertisers, so the more subscribers, the more time I get to spend teaching and focusing on security within the Laravel community.

To celebrate the rename, for the next 3 days you can upgrade to a paid subscription and get 25% off!

Regardless of if you upgrade to a paid subscription or stay a free subscriber, thank you so much for being a subscriber and supporting Securing Laravel. 🥰 Your support means a lot to me, and I would not be able to do what I love without it. Thank you.

Ok, this email is long enough. Bye folks!

P.s. As always, if you have any thoughts on the change, or suggestions for how to improve Securing Laravel, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Either via email,, or on Twitter or Mastodon.

  1. I was actually planning to include this in the top of the last In Depth, but I literally hit the email length limit and had to cut out a few screenshots, so this got bumped to it’s own email. I think it works better like this anyway. 🙂

  2. Intentional meaning: We dive deep into security concepts each month.
    Unintentional meaning: Defence(/Security) In Depth is an important security concept that I teach through my articles.

  3. It is very noticeable in my Twitter analytics that any time I include a link to, the engagement is significantly lower (i.e. it shows them to less people), and social previews don’t work at all.
    This petty behaviour started when Substack Notes was launched, and apparently Twitter is scared of the competition (even though Notes is a very different thing).

  4. Mastodon used to have a “Toot!” button for posting, they since changed it to “Publish!”, but that’s boring…